Whole Earth? Exhibition


WHOLE EARTH? is the successor project to Hard Rain exhibition and provides the kind of evidence that students need to join the debate about their future. But it’s not prescriptive; at the heart of the display are 20 questions, addressed to a range of university disciplines, which challenge students and their tutors to show how they can use their skills to support the global sustainability agenda for a resilient, healthy and just society, living with environmental limits. It also provides a platform for universities to present the ways they are forging the new sustainable world through innovative teaching, research programmes and on their own campuses. There is nothing as powerful as examples.

WHOLE EARTH? has been awarded this year’s UNESCO-Japan Prize on Education for Sustainable Development.


Find out more about hosting the exhibition at your university or business school here.

Contact Mark Edwards mark@hardrainproject.com for details about the exhibitions and his keynote talk.

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