Our Vision and Mission

Our vision at OPEN is to connect, educate and transform.

Our mission is for OPEN to be an accelerator; mobilising change agents for sustainability.

In order to do this, we believe that we first need to better understand the unmet learning needs of change agents for sustainability at all stages throughout their career in order to challenge ourselves as educators to create and deliver transformational programs that meet those needs and, by doing so, accelerate the ability of change agents to have impact around the world.

As the graphic below illustrates, we aim to turn the current ‘supply-push’ (grounded in educators’ domains of expertise) market dynamic for sustainability education on its head to become ‘demand-pull’ (organised around the needs of learners). We plan to achieve this at scale and pace by collaborating with ‘tribes’ of change agents such as alumni of sustainability programs, corporate intrapreneurs, professional bodies, membership organisations and communities of practice, in order to tailor our approach to their established communities of change agents.


Screenshot 2019-09-13 at 16.37.17.png


By connecting and educating, we will transform the ability of change agents for sustainability to have impact for people, planet and prosperity.

If you feel inspired by this vision and mission and want to join us on the journey, then find out more here.

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