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OPEN Structure

At OPEN, we work in with four key groups:

  1. OPEN Fellows
  2. OPEN Change Agents
  3. Communities of Practice
  4. Institutions & Education Communities

The above diagram outlines an example of how these separate groups interact within the OPEN Network:

OPEN Fellows

Our Fellowship contains leading experts, practitioners and academics within the Sustainability arena. The Fellowship is globally oriented, and provides support to not only our change agents, communities of practice, and institutions/education communities, but also enables fellows to co-learn and co-create together within the network. To read more about our fellows, click here.

Change Agents

Change Agents are integral to our work. They are the future of our planet, and the energetic core to the SDGs. At OPEN, our Fellows directly support Change Agents, who are also linked with other communities of practice and education communities. To read more about OPEN change agents, click here.

Communities of Practice

At OPEN, we work communities of practice both at an organisational/systems level and at an individual level. Whether it be using our Fellow’s extensive expertise to provide strategic support and thought leadership, or individual coaching/advising to change agents within a community of practice, we are here to support. There will be more information coming soon about our current initiatives with communities of practice.

Institutions and education communities

With more and more education communities turning towards a ‘One Planet Approach’, there is increasing demand for an integrated educational system that provides change agents with appropriate contextual learning, linkages to real world practice, and relationship building throughout the whole sustainability arena. OPEN provides direct support to institutions through a broad spectrum of offerings such as course design, presentations, and decision making expertise, in turn highlighting the leading One Planet institutions and centres.

External Support

OPEN also reaches into a wide network of funders, advisors, associates and strategic partners to inform our current and future work.

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