OPEN Fellows

Our Fellows come from a wide variety of business and technical disciplines, but they all share one thing in common. They are well established internationally in their areas of subject matter expertise and can be relied upon for providing cutting edge thinking for teaching, faculty development and consultancy in relation to the SDGs and sustainable business.

Professor Jody Fry | Professor of Leadership, Texas A&M Central Texas University
Jonathan Gosling | Emeritus Professor of Leadership, University of Exeter Business School
Dr Sally Jeanrenaud | Senior Research Fellow, University of Exeter Business School
Tony Cooke
Dr Glenda Raven | Senior Manager, Environmental Education, WWF South Africa
Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud | Director, One Planet Wisdom
Franziska Zoller
Leo Gilliard
Dr Shiv Tripathi | Senior Professor & Dean, CMR University
Grant Linscott | Professor of Design, Independent Faculty & Consultant
Dr Wes Balda |  | President, The Simeon Institute & Interim Dean
Dr Janis Balda | Chief Learning Officer, The Simeon Institute & Professor of Sustainable Enterprise, Unity College, Maine
Dr Mathias Falkenstein | Founder & CEO, Centre for Higher Education, Berlin, Germany
Dr Graham Boyd | Founder & CEO, Evolutesix
Henry Leveson-Gower | Founder & CEO, Promoting Economic Pluralism
Matt Gitsham | Associate Professor & Director of Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability, Ashridge Hult International Business School
Monica Richter | Senior Manager, Low Carbon Futures, WWF Australia

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