OPEN Fellow – Professor Wu Zhaohui






First Name



College of Business Oregon State University

Job Title

Professor of Supply Chain Management


I conduct theoretical and  grounded field research on sustainable supply chain and systems in general. My recent research concerns with agricultural cooperatives as sustainable food systems, emergence of social systems in refugee camp,  the roles of supply chain firms in addressing the challenge of  mismatched scales in social-ecological systems and institutional field-related issues of multi-national enterprises.

Why am I an OPEN Fellow?

My sustainability research is theoretical relevant and multi-discipline. I am very interested in communicating my research through OPEN in a timely fashion. OPEN also provides me an opportunity to locate collaborators (researchers, organizations, firms) in my future research.

Areas of Expertise

Social sustainability issues;Environmental sustainability issues;Economic sustainability issues;Corporate sustainability;Strategy;Innovation;Entrepreneurship;Social Entrepreneurship;Circular economy;Resource management;Governance & Ethics;Business models;Systems thinking;Operations management;Emerging Markets / Base of Pyramid

My expertise in more detail

Supply Chain Management, Governance and Agricultural Cooperatives, Sustainable Food Systems, MNE localizations in emerging markets


Several of sustainability-related manuscripts are among some of the most cited in OM. I have worked with more than a dozen firms on sustainability-related research projects.
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