OPEN Fellow – Professor Jeff Jia






First Name



University of Bristol

Job Title

Professor of Supply Chain Management


I am a highly entrepreneurial academic leading multiple research projects and actively publishing at top OM/SCM journals seeking for funding opportunities with a recent focus on Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF). I have shown my academic leadership leading the BNV research centre to success hosting a number of faculties from within and outside Exeter, a number of PhD students and a research associate. I have established myself as an academic leader in SCM internationally. I have shown my leadership and excellence in teaching and programme management for MSc ISCM. I have been developing myself toward a Chair in Agri-food supply chain management. I am programme director for MSc International SCM at Bristol and successfully led the CIPs accreditation of the programme in 2016.

Why am I an OPEN Fellow?

I like this identity being one planet philosophy promoter.

Areas of Expertise

SDGs / sustainable development;Social sustainability issues;Environmental sustainability issues;Corporate sustainability;Strategy;Innovation;Business models;Operations management;supply chain management

My expertise in more detail

All aspects of sustainable supply chain management


Led WWF climate saver project and published 1 book and 4 academic journal papers and 2 FT articles on this topic. more to come.


Teaching cases based on Nestle, IKEA and Tetra Pak
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