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OPEN Fellow – Professor Chris Wright






First Name



University of Sydney Business School

Job Title

Professor of Organisational Studies


Christopher Wright is Professor of Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney Business School where he teaches and researches organisational change, management innovation, sustainability and critical understandings of capitalism and political economy. He has published extensively on the history of management, management consultancy, the labour process and the changing nature of human resource management.

His current research explores organizational and societal responses to climate change, with a particular focus on how managers and business organizations interpret and respond to the climate crisis. He has published on this topic in relation to issues of corporate environmentalism, corporate citizenship, organizational justification and compromise, risk, identity and future imaginings. His research on climate change and business is internationally recognised and he has developed research collaborations with leading international climate scientists and global environmental organisations. He is a key researcher at the Sydney Environment Institute, where he heads up a group examining corporate climate transition.

His research has appeared in a broad range of leading journals including: The Academy of Management Journal, Organization Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Research Policy, Environment & Planning A, Human Relations, Organization and the British Journal of Sociology. As well as chapters in edited collections, he is the author of several monographs including The Management of Labour: A History of Australian Employers (Oxford University Press, 1995), Management as Consultancy: Neo-bureaucracy and the Consultant Manager (Cambridge University Press, 2015) and most recently: Climate Change, Capitalism and Corporations: Processes of Creative Self-destruction (Cambridge University Press, 2015).

Why am I an OPEN Fellow?

As an OPEN Fellow I hope to be able to spread the word regarding sustainable business practices and the urgent need for decarbonization of economic actvities in order to respond to the crisis of climate change and biodiversity loss. Business schools need to focus on sustainability and climate change as key strategic issues in their teaching and research.

Areas of Expertise

Environmental sustainability issues;Corporate sustainability;Strategy;Change management;Business transformation;Science;Climate change

My expertise in more detail

My current research focuses on business and climate change, particularly how managers and corporations interpret and respond to the climate crisis. As one of the most critical issues facing humanity, climate change poses major challenges for business organisations in terms of regulatory, market, reputational and physical risk. My research has explored critical understandings of corporate environmentalism, business sustainability, corporate citizenship, risk, political myth, managerial identity and the role of emotions in climate change responses.


I have an extensive research track-record in the area of business responses to climate change and am recognised as an international expert in this space having published widely on this topic in both academic and media outlets.
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