OPEN Fellow – Marie-Nicole Schuster


I have been energising the roles of Co-Founder and Organisation Development and Learning in several startups for over 7 years now. I began my higher education 23 years ago on a full scholarship at Wartburg College, IA, double-majoring in English Literature and Biology, graduating 6 years later with an MBA in HRM and Organisational Psychology from the European University in Cyprus. My work in shipping, NGOs, volunteering, and in consulting enabled me to travel to many countries, working on projects and with people from all walks of life; who taught me things about the world, and my interactions and relationships continue to expand my understanding of living systems and our role in and part of these systems.

Interests & Passions

Building regenerative startups that are incorporated as FairShares Commons companies. Organisation and human development. Strong advocate for female-led projects and businesses. I also have a passion for creating safe sparring spaces where people can learn and grow, showing up in their uniqueness and sharing their stories. I love being involved in deliberately developmental journeys as they are often messy and extremely challenging, which I find so very rewarding! And my absolute favourite thing in the world is going on nature walks with my family.


Marie has over 15 years of people development experience, having worked with leaders and teams in NGO’s, Shipping, Pharma and Telecoms across the MENA region. She is also a co-founder and is committed to developing and supporting regenerative startups across the globe. She is working towards re-building business to drive an economy that regenerates all capitals (human, natural, social-relationship, etc), not just financial capital.

Why am I an OPEN fellow?

I am committed to supporting and accelerating the transformation of leadership needed across all 6 layers (inner/inter personal, inner/inter organisational, inner/inter ecosystems) and increasing our adaptive capacity required to make the shift to a regenerative and net positive economy. Being an OPEN fellow enables me to connect with other builders of a better world on this journey!

How can I help change agents?

I can contribute as a strategic partner in building regenerative startups. I am also able to connect and facilitate individual change agents and teams in leadership transformation, growing from who you are to who you can become, to build a life/career that works for you, for others and the whole. More specifically, I can help with the design of business models and ecosystems that are regenerative by incorporating multiple stakeholders, that have shared voting and capital rights; all stakeholders share the power to govern the company and the wealth regenerated across all 6 capitals. In level 5 FairShares Commons companies, all stakeholders work together to find a way of meeting all needs; growing as people, and meeting the needs of society and the planet. Add in freedom from any concept of property, where the company and its people cannot be bought or sold, and ensure that stakeholders are stewards of the company in the interests of future generations.

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