OPEN Fellow – Leo Gilliard


BA & MA in International Relations

Interests & Passions

Everything that inspires the soul, from the arts to political confrontation


As an advocate for sustainability in the Swiss (and global) academic system and as a focal point for academic institutions and higher education actors, my mission is to mainstream sustainability in the heart of universities so that it is embedded in all teaching and research projects and that no activity emanating from the academic world is contrary to its principles. I have developed an expertise over the last 6 years around the institutional anchoring of sustainability and in quality assurance and accreditation systems. I am convinced that changing the system’s framework has as much impact on academic actors as a large number of bottom-up initiatives, which is why I see my work as an absolutely necessary complement to the commitments of individuals advocating for more sustainability in their faculties. My work involves training and workshops and sometimes teaching.

Why am I an OPEN fellow?

I believe in the need for grassroots initiatives like OPEN that bring together change agents. It is only when a community mobilizes that the framework for action can change and integrate sustainability as a goal in itself. WWF believes in OPEN’s mission, which is why it co-founded the initiative and has supported it in a variety of ways since.

How can I help change agents?

At the moment it is not possible for me to take on obligations at this level, but of course I am available to discuss institutional development and sustainability strategy/anchoring.

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