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Kentaro office

Job Title



On the basis of my 40 years experience of Fujitsu HR, I established my office,

Kentaro office, at Tokyo in 2016.

From 1996 to 1998 I participated in IMPM (International Master Program for

Managers) which was organized by Prof. Henry Mintzberg of McGill University.

I have been promoting Coaching Ourselves which is a short version of IMPM

created by Prof. Mintzberg in Japan for more than 10 years.

At this point more than 2000 managers in Japan have completed this program.

In Fujitsu more than 500 managers.

I am promoting the two initiatives which are peer learning systems in Fujitsu

Group companies.

I started Fujitsu Marketing In-house Business School with Yokohama Business

School which belongs to Yokohama National Universtiy. This In-house Business

School has been continuing for 6 years so far.

Another initiative is Fujitsu Social Science Laboratory In-house MOT School

which I designed. It started in this April with Tokyo University of Science.

My other activities are as follows;

I am in charge of the Japan Module of IMPM which will be held in 2019.

I started to prepare for it as a co-director.

From 2016 I have been an associated research scholar of Hitotsubashi

Institute of Economic Research. I am conducting a joint research with

professors of Hitotsubashi University in terms of productivity improvement of

white-collar workers.

Hitotsubashi University is one of the best universities in Japan in terms of

economics and management.

From 2003 I have been a member of the International Advisory Board of

Exeter Business School.

Why am I an OPEN Fellow?

I would like to promote OPEN with my expertise of HR, experience of

business schools and my international connections.

Areas of Expertise

Innovation;Resource management;Responsible leadership;Organisational behaviour

My expertise in more detail



Certification of IMPM in 1998.

Master Degree of Management of McGill University in 1998.

Lecture at EWHA Womans University in 2013

Lecture at Exeter Business School in 2014

Lecture at Yokohama National University in 2014

Lecture at the Round Tables of Experienced Managers in 2015

Lecture at IEDC Bled Scool in 2015

Lecture at Hitotsubashi Institute of Economic Research in 2016

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