OPEN Fellow – Jonny Norton


Board Member, OPEN; Associate, Bounce Beyond; MSc Environmental Leadership and Management; BSc Physical Geography.

Interests & Passions

Systems Thinking; Environmental Leadership; Intergenerational Learning; Youth Advocacy; Indigenous Wisdoms; Ecosystem Governance; Bioregionalism; Nature Based Solutions; Music and Culture; Mountain Leadership


OPEN Boad Member

Based in the UK, Jonny has an MSc in Environmental Leadership and Management from the University of Nottingham, and a degree in Physical Geography from the University of Liverpool. He has a deep care for the global need to protect the planet and its people, and recognises the requirement of systemic approaches to understand and value our natural and social systems through collaborative action. Since leaving academia, Jonny has been generating experience with large scale transformative initiatives such as Bounce Beyond, OPEN, and Catalyst 2030 – building his portfolio of tools and approaches to systems change. 

Why am I an OPEN fellow?

As a younger individual, I see and have experienced the importance of intergenerational collaboration around systems oriented and regenerative action and learning. I hope to work alongside OPEN’s more senior fellows to create functional tools and strategies that can better equip and empower individuals to become more effective change agents through sustainable and regenerative education. A complete value shift is required to transform our current systems to a global system which is supportive of all people and all natural environments, which can be driven, enhanced, and supported by One Planet Education. I believe that OPEN can be a gateway for this shift. I also hope to connect with other younger individuals who work within the sustainability space.

How can I help change agents?

We can only harness our full potential for change when we are including all voices – no matter the level of experience, background or culture. I hope to be an advocate for younger individuals within the OPEN network, and share insights and energy to co-create effective solutions. I hope to also work with other young individuals alongside more senior OPEN fellow to ensure that we are learning from each other, and including all perspectives for systems change within One Planet Education. I can also share tips and insights for change agents who are new to the ‘sustainability’ space, and want to accelerate their impact and agency.

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