OPEN Fellow – John Jermier


Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior The Ohio State University . (M.A.) in Public Policy and Administration and M.B.A. from Ohio State. BS in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin.

Interests & Passions

Corporate Sustainability; Science Based Targets; Transformational Change Across Institution


Dr. Jermier is founding editor and past co-editor of Organization & Environment—an academic journal devoted to publishing research on organizations, institutions and the natural environment. O&E is currently the top ranked journal dealing with business and sustainability and is ranked fourth among all organizational studies and management journals. The intellectual community associated with O&E includes many of the world’s eminent scholars who are concerned with how organizations are responding and can respond to global and local environmental and social problems.

He has published over 150 research papers, book chapters, and articles in the field’s top academic journals. His recent research has focused on forms of organizational greening, the factors that lead to decisions to embark on organizational greening, and the effects of organizational greening. Future research goals include critically examining the traditional growth paradigm and developing new theoretical perspectives on organizations and organizing in a post-growth era. He is also interested in the new forms of environmental consciousness that are emerging and the resulting partnerships for environmental protection and restoration that are now possible.

His research and consulting activities have been conducted with firms in the aerospace, microelectronics, automobile, phosphate, steel, oil, and textile industries as well as in various public sector organizations, including police and fire departments, universities, state and local government agencies, and the U.S. Military.

Why am I an OPEN fellow?

Time is short to address the global environmental problems and challenges facing humanity. With my colleague and friend Jody Fry’s leadership, I believe OPEN can play a significant role in enriching and developing networks to influence policy makers and encourage movement in the direction of genuine sustainability.

How can I help change agents?

I can provide new ways of thinking about change and conceptual frameworks useful in analyzing change opportunities

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