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van Betten

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Job Title

Managing Director


Nudge is a social enterprise based in The Netherlands. We facilitate the transformation to a more sustainable society through leadership programs, consulting and campaigning and by distributing our expertise to local communities. We work closely together with business, NGOs, science and governments to firmly root sustainability in their business models, governance and leadership development.

We use the power of business to solve social and environmental issues. We believe that knowledge and expertise are worth more when shared and we facilitate this through our platform and the Nudge community (60.000 individuals and 300 business partners).

By enabling bottom-up initiatives we aim to provide actionable opportunities that are accessible to everyone.

Why am I an OPEN Fellow?

Believe that this model supports the transformation society needs

Areas of Expertise

Social sustainability issues;Environmental sustainability issues;Economic sustainability issues;Strategy;Innovation;Entrepreneurship;Social Entrepreneurship;Responsible leadership;Governance & Ethics;Organisational behaviour;Change management;Business transformation;Business models;Systems thinking;Marketing;Strategic communications;Sales

My expertise in more detail

As a former CEO of a listed global publishing company and now the founder of a start-up social enterprise in the field of sustainability, my expertise is really broad and diverse. From strategy to finance, form change management to leadership development


Nudge Global Impact Challenge
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