OPEN Fellow – Henry Leveson-Gower

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Title Mr
Surname Leveson-Gower
First Name Henry
Organisation Promoting Economic Pluralism
Job Title Founder & CEO
Introduction We seek to create space for different frames, narratives and perspectives on the economy to gain legitimacy within academia, policy and public dialogues. We are building on the academic and student led new economics movement by engaging with the non-academic community seeking a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive economy. Our main activities currently are consultancy, publishing The Mint Magazine, holding events and developing an accreditation scheme for masters courses that take a pluralist approach to teaching.
Why am I an OPEN Fellow? I want to collaborate with other Fellows on approaches to teaching new thinking in economics.
Areas of Expertise SDGs / sustainable development, Environmental sustainability issues, Economic sustainability issues, Strategy, Economics, Systems thinking
My expertise in more detail I am an expert in applied pluralist economics ie applying a range of economic approaches (e.g. Neo-classical, behavioural, institutional, evolutionary and complexity economics) to practical policy questions particularly in the areas of sustainable development. I have particular expertise in regulatory system design and water policy including catchment management.
Credentials I have worked for almost 25 years as a pluralist economist in public policy. In the 90s I worked on trade and environment policy for the Australian Government representing them in international negotiations. I also published a chapter on Trade and Environment policy drawing on international political economy literature. In the 00s, I mainly worked for the Environment Agency in the UK on developing tools to support regional sustainable development and developing new approaches to regulation particularly in the water and waste sectors. In the 10s, I have led the reform of the water abstraction regulation system in England and Wales.
Products/Services offered Teaching, Consulting, Curriculum Development

Course on Applied Pluralist Economics.

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