OPEN Fellow – Harriette Brainard


Certified sustainability consultant, publisher/writer, advanced communicator/speaker, climate risk and systems specialist, advanced studies in ecological economy and social innovation

Interests & Passions

Building partnerships for creative and radical systems innovation, building understanding across sector and generational identification, writing the words that will move mind sets, change behavior and create new collaborative solutions for change.


Harriette has spent most of her career focused on better outcomes whether in conservation, education, health, business, or communications, using her ability to create innovative solutions to and build connections and networks to identify, accelerate and advance authentic partnerships to facilitate these outcomes. Committed to developing ideas and strategies while building leadership alongside intergenerational and cultural understanding. Harriette has worked as a teacher, coach, business manager, publisher and administrator, launched her own restaurant, and developed philanthropic strategies for underserved educational communities. Harriette is focused on accelerating systemic change to initiate global reaction to the complex solutions associated with climate change, known as “wicked problems”. She is a certified Terra Institute (EU) systems and sustainability consultant, member of the North Star Transition (NST) UK team. NST creates collaborative initiatives designed to increase the impact of our response to humankind’s climate, biodiversity loss and social crises. She has also joined the Imagine.World team, currently in partnership to create a resilient, healthy and sustainable food system in Hawaii – Nourish Hawaii. Harriette has traveled and worked with COBALT (Collaborative for Bioregional Action Learning & Transformation) – the co-creation of a “Bioregional Macroscope. Harriette consults for education initiatives that drive innovative change and solution- based leadership. She has been working with teams focused on plastic waste, upcycling technology, energy, as well as carbon sequestration. She has a deep knowledge in regenerative practices within organic food systems and health and wellness with over 40 years of experience. Harriette helped to build a non- profit (Princeton, NJ) focused on generating non- partisan understanding of the risks of climate change: C-Change Conversations. She is a communications strategist, sustainability consultant, climate specialist, writer, speaker, avid gardener, outdoor enthusiast, and single mother of four children. Harriette has been a pioneer of the relationship between planetary and human health, farming and food.

Why am I an OPEN fellow?

I profoundly believe in the power and energy of connection, leadership and support to motivate and challenge, to build transformational relationships that will bring necessary change.

How can I help change agents?

Supporting, coaching, connecting and mentoring to build the faith in themselves, support the future focused activism, leadership and intention that will allow their own strength/perseverance to be successful.

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