OPEN Fellow – Professor Grant Linscott






First Name



Formally Kedge Business School (-02/2017)

Job Title

Assistant Professor of Design


Grant has been a Professor of Design for the last ten years working from the South of France, where he has taught both undergraduate/postgraduate business and design students (Marseille, Bordeaux France), and executive MBA students (Jiao Tong University, Shanghai). His research into the ontology of the designer and the organisational behaviour of creative organisations has allowed him to develop a unique immersive andragogy used to teach Design Thinking and Strategic Design Management, with a goal to engage his students in personal transformation.

Grant is passionate about the value of design for the world today and for our vision and creation of our world tomorrow. He also believes that the best way to implement societal change is to educate business professionals to ‘think like designers’.

Aside from education he continues to conceive and develop designed solutions for a number of clients for a large range of domains: medical products, garden equipment, household appliances, hi-tech products, plastics packaging and telecommunications.

Why am I an OPEN Fellow?

I believe the role of education should be to develop people for the society of tomorrow (to be actors and change makers for good), and traditional business education (which in many ways should be the #1 driver of societal change) fails to achieve this due to programs and pedagogies that are based upon linear, analytical, metric-based thinking. I see the vision of OPEN and the reasoning behind the support from the WWF as fully correct in its understanding of how to implement societal change. I also see that the ‘time is right’, business schools are seeing the downturn, and are slowly becoming aware that the traditional paradigms of business and business education are no longer working. In all, I wish to contribute to something that will make a real difference for good within society and for the planet.

Areas of Expertise

Strategy;Innovation;Entrepreneurship;Circular economy;Organisational behaviour;Business transformation;Business models;Systems thinking;Foresight;Value of Design for Business

My expertise in more detail

As a practioner and educator:

Design Thinking – this includes both the tools and methodologies, together with the nature of ‘being’ a designer (the ontological stance). Practically, this includes applied design research, ethnography, sociological analysis and semiotics followed by creative response through development of an individual’s vision/foresight and emotional intelligence. – These skills are applied in the conception and development of new products, services, experience offerings or new business models.

Strategic Design Management  – how to manage (lead!) creative resources within organisations, definition of project goals; project planning and implementation; time/cost allocation and management; project breakdown and task definition. Foresight is also included in the sense of using a designer’s vision/creative understanding of future drivers of societal change to formulate strategy.

Organisational behaviour – how the nature of organisational identity dynamics impacts innovation and the individual/group’s capacity for creative responses. This ties into the value of Design for culture change (business transformation), and for the triple bottom line.


MSc International Business Management for Design

BSc Industrial Design

Paper presentation at British Academy of Management Conference 2013 ‘Can Design and Design Thinking STILL add Value to Business Innovation?’, Liverpool, UK.

Conference Presentation – Design Thinking research at Cumulus Conference 2013 – ‘Developing Design Thinkers (An ontological Approach)’, Dublin, Ireland.

Created, produced and curated ‘Axis: Design and Innovation’ exhibition 2013, Toulon, France.

Contributed to the European Student Network- Design management education and Design management practice 2012

Consultant Designer on projects for a wide range of clients throughout the last 20+ years: AquaGym, Schlumberger Sema, Alcatel, B.Braun, Gilson, Syris Scientific, Nortel Networks, B-Square, Boston Scientific, Flymo, Black & Decker, Boots Contract Manufacturing, GlaxoSmithKline, Elida Faberge.

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