OPEN Fellow – Glenda Raven


Ph.D – Education, M.Ed – Environmental Education, B.Ed – Education, Higher Diploma in Education, B.Com – Accounting and Economics
Executive Director:  Learning for Change (Pty) Ltd.

Interests & Passions

Collaborative, inclusive and engaging processes


My experience in environmental learning and development spans 35 years across formal, informal and non-formal contexts of learning.  Starting out as a high school teacher in the economic and management sciences, my involvement with the school’s environment club sparked my career interest in the environment sector and supporting active learning for socio-ecological change.  My Master of Education degree in 1995 introduced me to environmental education as engaging processes of social action and change as South Africa transitioned into a new democracy.  During this exciting time of change, I was privileged to support educational transformation through my work across all levels of education, training and development with a focus on curriculum and professional development in the formal and informal contexts of learning. 

I further pursued my academic interest in environmental learning as a catalyst for change, through a doctoral degree with Rhodes University focusing on social learning processes, in multiple and varied contexts, including formal learning, informal environmental learning for corporate sustainability and community-based learning for environmental action and change, that enable the development of reflexivity and reflexive competence and action. Over the past sixteen years, my work and research experience has expanded into the realm of human capital development, still focusing on the professional development of individuals, and including also a systems-focus on the institutions of learning, work and social engagement.  

Spanning many contexts of reflexive learning and development, my experience allows me to continue pursuing a career through which I am able to support the growth and development with and for people (including myself) that enables collaborative engagement and action towards a socio-ecologically secure future for all, equally.

I now work through a South African-based consulting company.  Learning for Change (Pty) Ltd has a vision of an equal and just world, in which everyone has sufficient, and our natural world is secured. We support this vision through enabling reflexive learning for transformed practices that respond to complex socio-ecological challenges and risks. We offer services globally, regionally and locally, including reflexive learning through evaluation, social and policy research for improved socio-ecological wellbeing, coaching and mentoring for career and professional development and learning programme design, development and offering

Why am I an OPEN fellow?

I have an interest in learning processes that enable socio-ecological change.

How can I help change agents?

Supporting learning through evaluation

Supporting programme development and design through social policy and research

Coaching and mentoring for career and professional development for improved practice

Facilitating and supporting the design, design and offering of learning programmes for socio-ecological change.

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