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OPEN Fellow – Eleftheria (Ella) Egel


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration and Management, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, Nice, France. Thesis in 3 articles. Title: “Spiritual Leadership: Expressions in diverse organizational environments”.

Interests & Passions

I am passionate about understanding how social conditioning creates meaning-making that undermines human capacity. I love learning & uplifting others. Close to my heart lies girls education in developing countries.


OPEN Board Member

I am a startup founder, business mentor and scholar. As a startup co-founder, I am working on launching EOS Academy. As a mentor, I help women start new businesses. As a scholar, I conduct research on leadership with a focus on “female”, spiritual & sustainability leadership. My practitioner’s work is informed by my scholarly research. My scholarly research is guided by my practice.

Why am I an OPEN fellow?

To connect with like-minded individuals who also feel that it is about time to replace business as usual with business for sustaining life. To support younger generations to understand what the essential aspects of sustainable social systems are; and to choose their role as change agents for the restoration of those systems. To co-create a new narrative; a sense of common meaning that will promote a sustainable society.

How can I help change agents?

The focus of my work is on social sustainability. In human social systems -as in all complex adaptive systems- the various relationships between social agents (individuals and groups) make up the interactions in the system. There cannot be a change in the system if there is no individual change. I can support change agents with workshops and small group interventions on self leadership development (understanding their current mindset and discovering their purpose and meaning-making as change agents). As a business mentor for women entrepreneurs, I am also able to support women who want to start a new business to overcome the gender (self-)biases and acquire the knowledge and skills they need to start their business with group workshops. Last but not least, I can contribute to a social sustainability curriculum development and teach on aspects of social sustainability.

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