OPEN Fellow – Dr Wes Balda


Title Dr
Surname Balda
First Name Wes
Organisation The Simeon Institute
Role President
Introduction As Dean and/or Executive Director, Dr. Wes Balda has led business schools and their initiatives, ranging from the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management, George Fox University School of Management, University of Oregon, Centre for Advancing International Management – St. Georges University, Grenada, to the Robert P. Stiller School of Business at Champlain College in Vermont, USA. For much of this time, he concurrently served as President of The Simeon Institute, an educational nonproXt organization.

Celebrating over twenty-Xve years of service, The Simeon Institute began creating community capacity in 1992 and continues this focused mission today. Early expertise in crisis management gathered momentum as signiXcant State Department funding introduced our organization to leaders of the former Soviet Union, exploring new responses to crisis and emergency management in the wake of Chernobyl and the opening of the West. Today, the Institute is moving forward from community crisis capacity to the more strategic impact of sustainable community capacity, especially in local settings, spurring enterprise that creates ]ourishing. Our research and practice integrates the UN Sustainable Development Goals into both process and results.

Dr. Balda received the Ph.D. in History, studying organizational sustainability, from the University of Cambridge, and continues to serve as President of the Simeon Institute, headquartered in Unity, Maine, USA.

Why am I an OPEN Fellow? There is a seamless fit between the work of the Simeon Institute and OPEN.
Areas of expertise SDGs/sustainable development, corporate sustainability, innovation, organisational behaviour, change management, business transformation, crisis management/disaster risk reduction
My expertise in more detail Sustainable enterprise development in rural and local settings
Credentials See
Products/Services offered Teaching, Consulting, Faculty Development, Curriculum Development
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