OPEN Fellow – Dr Laura Reave


Title Dr
Surname Reave
First Name Laura
Organisation University of Western Ontario
Role Adjunct Lecturer
Introduction Researcher in leadership, especially educational leadership
Why am I an OPEN Fellow? To promote sustainability and ethical leadership
Areas of expertise Responsible leadership, Governance & Ethics, Marketing, Strategic communications
My expertise in more detail Values-based leadership, spiritual leadership
Credentials My research on spiritual values and practices related to leadership success has been cited 683 times. I currently have an article in submission to the Academy of Educational Leadership Journal (London, UK) entitled “Trends and Best Practices in Writing Instruction at Canadian Universities.” In a nutshell, it says that students need to do much more writing instead of multiple-choice exams, and some of the best universities are catching on to this need. I came to a similar conclusion years ago, when the engineering school dean asked me to help him redesign the communications curriculum for the engineering school. This led to a study of 73 top-ranked U.S. and Canadian engineering programs that examined how their curriculum addressed the development of communication skills.  An article describing my research, entitled “Technical Communication Instruction in Engineering Schools: A Survey of Top-Ranked U.S. and Canadian Programs,” was published in the Journal of Business and Technical Communication, a well-known, peer-reviewed journal.   Reviewers stated that this article offered an original, timely, and valuable contribution to the field of curriculum design in the area of technical communication. To date, it has been cited by other scholars and academic leaders 97 times.
Products/Services offered Spiritual Values and Practices Related to Leadership Success
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