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OPEN Fellow – Dr Kathryn Goldman Schuyler

SurnameGoldman Schuyler
First NameKathryn
OrganisationCoherent Change
RoleFounder & Professor Emeritus of Organization Development
IntroductionI have decades of experience developing leaders, consulting to foster healthy organizations, teaching graduate students to become organizational consultants and researchers, and supporting somatic (embodied) learning.  I have helped hundreds of executives to cultivate healthy organizations and mentored many doctoral students who have completed research under my guidance and moved on to increasingly influential roles in major companies, start-ups, and universities.
Why am I an OPEN Fellow?I wish to contribute as an OPEN Fellow to efforts to support leaders who wish to explore how to create a healthy, mindful culture in their organizations–which I see as foundational to creating a sustainable world that works for all. My research suggests that when people make space in their lives to become “awake” and present in the context of work, they notice the environment in which they live, relate more kindly to co-workers and clients, and connect deeply with the real purpose of their work. 
Areas of expertiseInnovation, Responsible leadership, Systems thinking, Creating healthy organizational cultures
My expertise in more detailI have published widely on leadership and change and am the author of INNER PEACE—GLOBAL IMPACT (IAP-2012), and the lead editor of LEADING WITH SPIRIT, PRESENCE, AND AUTHENTICITY (Jossey Bass/Wiley, 2014), and CREATIVE SOCIAL CHANGE: Leadership for a Healthy World (Emerald, 2016).  My recent research focuses on awareness and mindfulness at work: her published work in this area highlights how being fully present enhanced participants’ connectedness with others and with the natural environment and renewed their sense of purpose in their work.
I have consulted to leaders of corporations and not-for-profit organizations in processes of leadership and team development, supporting them in creating healthy organizational cultures. I have also mentored doctoral students in developing and completing dissertations relevant to their life interests in areas related to organization development. Within the academic world, I’ve led groups focused on the interdependence of practice and research within the American Sociological Association and the Academy of Management. 
My books bring together writers, practitioners, and scholars interested in these same areas: creating a healthy world and the value of mindful leadership.
Most recently, I led a multi-phase qualitative action research process addressing these questions and currently am chairing a global conference in 2020 for the International Leadership Association, which sponsored my last two books.
CredentialsPh.D., M.Phil., Sociology, Columbia University (University Fellow), NY, NYFulbright Fellow, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Sorbonne, Paris, FranceCritical Languages Certificate, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ B.A. (Phi Beta Kappa), Goucher College, Towson, MDLanguages:  French, Russian
BooksGoldman Schuyler, K., Baugher, J.E., & Jironet, K. (Eds.). (2016). Creative social change: Leadership for a healthy world.  London: Emerald Publishing Group.
Goldman Schuyler, K., Baugher, J.E., Jironet, K., & Lid Falkman, L. (Eds.). (2014). Leading with spirit, presence, and authenticity.  San Francisco: Jossey Bass/Wiley.
Goldman Schuyler, K. (2012). Inner peace—Global impact: Tibetan Buddhism, leadership, and work. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
Articles and book chaptersGoldman Schuyler, K., Taylor, M.O., & Wolberger, O.M. (2018). Bringing mindfulness and joy to work: Action research on organizational change. In J. Neal, Handbook of personal and organizational transformation. New York: Springer.
Goldman Schuyler, K. (2017). Peter Senge: “Everything that we do is about shifting the capability for collective action….” In D. B. Szabla, W. Passmore, M. Barnes, & A. Gibson (Eds.) The Palgrave Handbook of organizational change thinkers. New York: Springer.
Goldman Schuyler, K., Skjei, S., Sanzgiri, J., & Koskela, V. (2017). “Moments of waking up”: A doorway to mindfulness and presence. Journal of Management Inquiry, 26, 86-100. doi:10.1177/1056492616665171
Goldman Schuyler, K. (2016). Mindfulness as waking up: Musings about how to be optimally alive. Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 62, 59-75. doi:, V., & Goldman Schuyler, K. (2016). Experiences of presence as a key factor towards sustainability leadership. Journal of Leadership Studies, 9 (4), 54-59. doi: 10.1002/jls.21427
Goldman Schuyler, K. (2013). From the ground up: Revisioning sources and methods of leadership development. In L. Melina (Ed.), The embodiment of leadership (pp. 239-257).  San Francisco: Jossey Bass/Wiley.
Goldman Schuyler, K. (2010). Increasing leadership integrity through mind training and embodied learning. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 62, 21–38.
Goldman Schuyler, K. (2008). Is another world possible? The contribution of sociological practice to societal change. Applied Social Science, 2(2), 9-13.
Goldman Schuyler, K. (2004). The possibility of healthy organizations: Thoughts toward a new framework for organizational theory and practice. Journal of Applied Sociology/Sociological Practice, 21(2)/6(2), 57-79.
Goldman Schuyler, K. & Branagan, L. (2003). The power line: A model for generating a systemic focus on organizational health.  Sociological Practice 5(2), 77-88.
Goldman Schuyler, K. (Winter, 2003). Awareness through movement lessons as a catalyst for change, The Feldenkrais Journal, 15, 39-46.
Products/Services offeredTeaching, Consulting, Faculty Development, Curriculum Development “Can share expertise in curriculum development of graduate leadership courses with a focus on sustainability, mindful leadership, and ethics. Also courses and workshops for academics, executives, and leadership teams on:    1. Personal and organizational leadership, focusing on creating a healthy organization, sustainability, and systemic awareness.    2. “”Waking up”” as a source of creative, impactful leadership. 
Can incorporate practices in somatics (embodied learning) from my certification as a teacher and assistant trainer of the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Awareness.
Interested in working with colleagues to support the creation of modules or a short course on sustainability for people in all areas of professional education that encourages new professionals to see the relevance of sustainability to their area of work.
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