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OPEN Fellow – Dr Graham Boyd


Title Dr
Surname Boyd
First Name Graham
Organisation Evolutesix
Role Founder & CEO
Introduction Thriving on one planet within our boundaries needs us to create regenerative businesses; and these can only thrive if they are designed from the ground up differently.

Evolutesix exists to do this by providing individuals and businesses with a plug-and-play operating system that is designed to simultaneously maximise  productivity and human development.

At the centre is the Evolutesix Adaptive Way Platform: Bringing together human-centric, strategic, self-developmental and 21st Century organisational design.

We have three elements:

– DOJO: Peer-to-peer programmes for adaptive leadership development, for individuals, teams and businesses.

– HuMan: An adaptive operational framework & organisational design, integrating self-governing, deliberately developmental, requisite organisation design with FairShares legal structures.

– HuCap: An Evoluter programme (incubation & investment) for startups

Why am I an OPEN Fellow? The purpose, principles and activity set of OPEN has a very high overlap with ours in Evolutesix. It makes sense for us to build of each other’s work to have a larger, scalable contribution to harnessing business as a force for good. We believe that our Adaptive Way specifically can help the OPEN network.
Areas of expertise Corporate sustainability, Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Responsible leadership, Governance & Ethics, Organisational behaviour, Change management, Business transformation, Business models, Systems thinking, Science, Emerging Markets / Base of Pyramid
My expertise in more detail My primary focus is reinventing organisations to use them as a lever for regeneration. This centres on integrating, into a fit-for-purpose way of structuring and running any organisation (but especially a for-profit one), self-governing organisation design, deliberately developmental organisation design, requisite organisation design, human-centred design thinking, disruptive innovation and approaches like lean business models etc. The outcome is a business that performs superbly on any hard business metric because people are fully valued and enabled to grow.
Credentials Ph.D. in particle physics – complex systems thinking etc.

Recent publications: Paper with Otto Laske in Distributed Leadership, ed. Neha Chatwani, on the need to integrate self-governing with developmental methods.

Creating Evolutesix, developing a novel legal structure that has the best of both co-operative and listed limited company.

Ten years as an R&D manager with P&G in Belgium and China, leading new organisation developments in the process.

Ten years as an entrepreneur developing new ways of doing business.

Products/Services offered Our products offer a plug and play toolkit to address major challenges; those that require us to adapt, those where simply learning a new technique is inadequate. These include:

– Evolutesix Adaptive Way Dojo for individuals, teams and organisations.

– Transformational thinking for leaders taking you beyond systems thinking. (training, communities of practice, facilitated processes e.g. for leadership teams)

– Adaptive organisation design and operations, by integrating self-governing with developmental organisation design. We have developed a diagnostic for this, along with training and consulting packages.

– Adaptive legal structures. We offer training and consulting with others in the FairShares association on legal structures that fairly distribute both power and wealth to all stakeholders.

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