OPEN Fellow – Dr Glenda Raven






First Name



WWF South Africa

Job Title

Senior Manager:  Environmental Leaders Programme


Supporting the development of capacitated governance for the environment, through skills, management and leadership development for new entrants into working for the environment and in-service professionals at multiple levels of management. 

Why am I an OPEN Fellow?

To engage with others and support curriculum innovation and change that promotes sustainable practices across multiple sectors of public, private and civil society organisations.

Areas of Expertise

SDGs / sustainable development;Social sustainability issues;Environmental sustainability issues;Innovation;Systems thinking;Curriculum and materials development, skills development for a green economy

My expertise in more detail

I work in skills development for the environment, within a systems approach focusing on:  (i) career, competence and professional development of individual professionals; (ii) strengthening organisations (learning and employer organisations) that employ and enable the further development of professionals as they enter into and move through careers; and (iii) engaging with the national policy framework to integrate green skills that support a transition to a green economy into the processes of skills planning and development.


My curriculum vitae contains an overview of my work experience and academic qualifications at doctoral level to support this systems approach to supporting skills development for the environment.  In particular, my Ph.D research explored the development of reflexive practitioners, and learning processes that enable the development of reflexive capabilities, that supports socio-ecological change in response to increasing environmental risks and challenges.    


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