OPEN Fellow – Dr Francis Vorhies


Title Dr
Surname Vorhies
First Name Francis
Organisation Earthmind
Job Title Executive Director
Introduction I am a conservation economist working on connecting the dots between nature conservation and sustainable economic development. This includes recognising and encouraging conservation in the areas where we live and work; strengthening the governance and management of wildlife economies, particularly in Africa; and assisting private companies to be conservation positive.
Why am I an OPEN Fellow? To be a partner in an exciting sustainability network
Areas of Expertise SDGs / sustainable development, Environmental sustainability issues, Corporate sustainability, Economics, Resource management, Governance & Ethics, Business transformation, International relations
My expertise in more detail My work focuses on the nexus between biodiversity conservation and the market economy and voluntary action.
Credentials PhD in Economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Senior Lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, first conservation economist at the African Wildlife Foundation in Nairobi, first economist founding the Economics and Business Units at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Switzerland, founder of Earthmind, and member of several IUCN Commission groups on topics such as protected area finance, business and ecosystem management, and sustainable utilisation of living natural resources.
Products/Services offered Teaching, Consulting, Faculty Development, Curriculum Development

Courses and consulting on such topics as business and biodiversity, wildlife economies, and international biodiversity policy

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