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International University of Monaco

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I mainly teach Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility courses. My research interests focus on the emergent field of workplace spirituality; in particular, I explore how spirituality can create the foundation for global leadership, sustainability and enhance harmony in multicultural organizational environments that include Muslim employees. My consulting work with the International Institute for Spiritual Leadership aims at assisting organizations to maximize their triple bottom line through the implementation of a specific model of spiritual leadership, the Spiritual Leadership Model (SLM).

Why am I an OPEN Fellow?

I have been looking for a home  where I can share with like-minded individuals, learn and  be of service. My aspiration is to contribute to the unfolding leadership trend that supports inclusive and sustainable development for businesses and their communities through spirituality.

Areas of Expertise

Corporate sustainability, Responsible leadership, Governance & Ethics, Organisational behaviour

My Expertise in more detail

Primary area of expertise is Islamic leadership, Fair Trade, global mindset cultivation and global leadership for sustainability.


1. PhD in Spiritual leadership

2. Publications:

Korten, D.; Egel, E. & Pavlovich, K. An Interview with David Korten : inquiry into the sacred. Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion

Egel, E. & Fry, L. (2017). Cultivating a Global Mindset through “Being-centered “Leadership. in J.Neal (Ed) The Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation. Springer Ed. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-29587-9_50-1

Tackney, C. ,Chappell, S., Harris, D., Pavlovich, K., Egel, E., Major, R., Finney, M. &  Stoner, J. (2017). Egel, E. (2014). Islamic Leadership. in R.J. Blomme and B. van Hoof (Eds) Another State of Mind: Perceptions from the Wisdom Traditions on Management and Business (pp. 91-111). UK: Palgrave Publishing.

3. Co-organizer of one day  research and publication consortium for the AOM Interest group Management, Spirituality & Religion for the last 3 years.

4. Invited speaker in professional conference organized in Lagos, Nigeria May 24-27, 2016. Theme of the conference: “Spirituality  & Ethics in the Workplace: Positive Impact on Governance/Financial Reporting/Anti-Corruption” (


Curriculum development of graduate leadership courses with a focus on Islamic leadership, global leadership and global leadership for sustainability.

Workshops on implementation of spiritual leadership and Islamic leadership with a focus on maximizing employee well-being, sustainability and performance excellence.

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