OPEN Fellow – David Bevan


MSc Managing Change (Sheffield Hallam 1998); PhD Critical Accounting (King’s College London, 2008); MA Academic Practice (King’s College London, 2008); Certificate in Leadership for Sustainability (University fo Cambridge, 2010), MA Continental Philosophy (Staffordshire University 2021)

Interests & Passions

Action Research and Learning; Critical Thinking; Secular Pragmatism; Process Philosophy; Neo-Materialism; (non-essential) Ecofeminism; educational interdisciplinarity; ecological responsibility and justice; the ethics and accountability of (so-called) Artificial Intelligence; the epistemological separation fallacy (e.g. that distinguishes education from research etc); experiential/anti-foundational maths; enlightenment; coloniality; small island economies.


Experienced management education and critical management studies professional: principally driven by Action Learning and Research; process philosophy scholar/student; international professor (business ethics, strategy, social accounting, action research, etc.); author and management consultant. Skilled in ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) impact / risk metrics and management; Ethics Expert in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), (Horizon 2020, European Commission) GDPR/ethical compliance expert (2017/21). Capable, senior management education professional: alumnus of Kings College London, Sheffield Hallam University, and The Prince of Wales’s Business & Sustainability Programme at the University of Cambridge. Previously 25 years experience in international business management and administration: trained in information technology and management accounting and reporting; human resource management and development. Work experience in USA, UK, France, Belgium and China.

Why am I an OPEN fellow?

A keen follower of the One Planet education project since the early/mid 2000s at Exeter University when I was developing sustainability education at Royal Holloway (UK) and HEC Paris (France). With huge respect for the work done by its pioneers, I was invited as documenter of the One Planet MBA (2014). After 15 years of complementary service to business in society projects such as ABIS (Belgium), UN PRME (New York), UNSDG (Hong Kong), Responsible Research and Innovation (EC), and as an adept of lifelong learning I was elected OPEN Fellow in 2020 during early global lockdown. Picking up the threads of reluctantly displaced plans, and re-energising the OPEN collaboration will continue from Malta where I have developed the St Martin’s Institute for Action Research and Learning.

How can I help change agents?

I am interested to collaborate with (advise/mentor etc) other OPEN colleagues in educational (action learning/ pragmatism) or community settings. Specifically keen to assist with normalising necessary interdisciplinarity for sustainability education through curriculum development; micro-courses for sustainability; giving a legitimate and effective voice to sustainability campaigning through accessible education; the habilitation of protest (i.e. Extinction Rebellion as effective sustainability advocacy).

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