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Agulhas: Applied Knowledge

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Catherine has been working as a change agent and practitioner on the business/policy/academia roundabout for 30 years. She chairs the Advisory Board of the Sustainable Aviation coalition helping them to become cleaner, quite and smarter. (Including Airbus, BA, Gatwick, Rolls Royce and Virgin Atlantic) She leads the NFP,, developing a successful, aspirational story of sustainable living, this links to her work as a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP) at Surrey. She is co-Founder and Director at Agulhas: Applied Knowledge, providing policy advice and review on international development and sustainability issues. She is a Visiting Professor at the University of Essex, working on building business resilience. She has been a Board member, then Chair of the fair trade pioneer NGO, Twin, and sister company Twin Trading.  She was on the game changing Stern Review core team in 2006. She has worked in over 45 countries, including living in Africa and the Caribbean.

Why am I an OPEN Fellow?

I believe that OPEN is an idea whose time has come. The groundwork done by WWF including Jean-Paul, Sally and Jonathan, together with the  research done by Tony and his team, has shown that there is an active demand for this service. I would be delighted to be part of building the supply of such an important and necessary initiative if we are to address the challenges of the 21st century at the pace and scale required.

Areas of Expertise

SDGs / sustainable development;Environmental sustainability issues;Economic sustainability issues;Strategy;Economics;Circular economy;Responsible leadership;Organisational behaviour;Systems thinking;International relations

My expertise in more detail

Enabling and empowering leadership in sustainability, Value: getting to the next Economy, the great Transition, Systems thinking, systems pressures, changing the narrative, the case for change, the limits to growth, the economic and business case for action responding to cliamte impacts, resource constraints, resource efficiency, sustainable finance, stranded assets


MA Development Economics  & BA Hons. Economic Policy.

Course chair, curriculum developer, lecturer and facilitator over 6 years at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership for 2 open programmes and numerous bespoke programmes. 

Masterclasses on MBA programme at OPMBA at Exeter,

Masterclasses at Schumacher College on MA and MSc programmes.

Chair and lecturer at Asian Development Bank bespoke sustainability leadership programme, based for 3 weeks in India.

CSC Leaders Masterclasses for 3 years and keynote once.

co-Founder All Party Parliamentary Group on Limits to Growth.

co-convenor Findhorn Climate Finance Advance programme (with Christiana Figueres ahead of Paris COP 21).

Currently Visiting Professor Univeristy of Essex

Visiting Fellow at Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity at Surrey.

Previously Visiting Fellow at Smith School at Oxford (4 years) and Global Resource Observatory at Anglia Ruskin (3 years – Chairing the GRO Steering group).

Chair at recent Ethical Corporation conference,

Chair or facilitator at The Crowd (previously Green Monday).

Numerous speaker/conference events: Keynote speaker for UN conference on child rights in Beijing, keynote speaker at Asian Development Bank Transport forum in Manila etc.


Modules/Masterclasses under five main headings: leadership and behaviour change,value, systems, changing the narrative, resource constraints, climate. Can support curriculum development in these areas, together with faculty development, teaching and consulting.

Building Business Resilience

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