OPEN Fellow – Catherine Cameron


MA Development Economics, BA Economic Policy, AA 1000 Accountability

Interests & Passions

Mother of two lovely teenagers, keen chorister, aspiring yogi, slave to my cat. I would like to spend more time at the ceilidh


Catherine co-founded Agulhas: Applied Knowledge in 2003, building a respected provider of high-quality knowledge services providing incisive advice and support to clients from around the world. She is a member of the Agulhas Unlearning Team, working to support Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) practices of both Agulhas and its clients. With the other Directors, Catherine leads Agulhas, an Employee-Owned firm, working with a diverse team committed to a sustainable, more equitable world. Catherine leads the Climate Hub supporting climate justice and a just transition.

Why am I an OPEN fellow?

We need an army of change agents to effect the change at scale and pace required to keep this lovely planet habitable for all beings everywhere. OPEN can contribute to that.

How can I help change agents?

By connecting, collaborating and convening.

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