OPEN Associate – Dr Abby Schneider


Title Dr
Surname Schneider
First Name Abby
Organisation Anderson College of Business, Regis University
Role Assistant Professor of Marketing
Introduction I am Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Anderson College of Business at Regis University in Denver, Colorado, USA. I earned my Ph.D. in Business Administration (Marketing, Consumer Behavior Emphasis) from the University of Colorado at Boulder and my B.A. from Colgate University where I studied psychology and film & media studies. I’m passionate about using education to serve people and the planet, and I believe that business education should transform the heart as well as the mind so that business leaders will be driven to rethink the purpose and practice of business in an interconnected world. My research focuses on marketing for social change and nonprofit marketing and has been published in venues such as Business Horizons, the International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, and the Case Research Journal, among others. I have also written for the magazine, Conscious Company. My teaching interests focus on values-centered marketing, and I have developed and taught a travel-learning course that takes students to Uganda to learn about social entrepreneurship and sustainable development. I was the recipient of the Sustainable Economic and Enterprise Development (SEED) Institute’s Regenerator Award for my commitment to sustainability in teaching and research, and I am a SEED Institute Fellow.

Prior to entering academia, I worked for ABC News in New York City. I’ve also served as a marketing consultant for multinational corporations as well as social enterprise startups in the United States and Uganda.

Why am I an OPEN Associate? I am very honored and excited to be considered for the distinction of being an OPEN Associate. Ever since I stepped foot into a business school for my graduate education, I knew that I wanted to use my degree for good. I believe that business provides the tools to tackle some of the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges, but it must do so with kindness and compassion in a way that honors the dignity of all those impacted by its actions. Too many times, business is used to exploit the planet and the world’s most marginalized communities, and while a few corrupt executives are sometimes to blame, I believe that the current system of business as usual is fundamentally flawed. I am very passionate about transforming business on a global scale, and I believe that business higher education has a critical role to play in this transformation. Not only must business education equip students with the skills to operate a business but also, it must shift their hearts and mindsets so that they will operate business in harmony with the planet and all of its inhabitants. Of course, as one individual with such great ambition, the prospect of making progress toward this vision is quite daunting. To be able to join forces with the incredibly skilled and knowledgeable members of OPEN, to have their support, and to work together toward this mission would be a dream come true.
Areas of expertise SDGs/Sustainable Development, Social Sustainability Issues, Environmental Sustainability Issues, Social Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Psychology
My expertise in more detail Consumer psychology, social marketing, nonprofit marketing, marketing research, curriculum development
Credentials Publications include:

• Schneider, Abigail B. (forthcoming), “International Service Learning in the Business Curriculum: Toward an Ethic of Empathy in a Global Economy,” Business Horizons.

• Schneider, Abigail B. and Cheri A. Young (2018), “Bringing God into the Business: The Impact on Human Resource Management Practices and Employee Turnover at L&R Pallet,” Case Research Journal, 38(3).

• Hamerman, Eric J. and Abigail B. Schneider (2018), “The Role of Disgust Sensitivity in Volunteer Recruitment and Retention,” International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 23(2), 1597-1606. DOI: 10.1002/nvsm.1597

• Jacobson, Susan, Bill Weis, and Abigail B. Schneider (2017), “Laudato Si’ and the Consumption Challenge: Giving Students a Visceral Exercise in Saving Our Planet,” Jesuit Higher Education, 6(1).

• Schneider, Abigail B. and Cheri A. Young (2017), “Finding Refuge: A True Story of How Hiring Refugees Transformed this Manufacturing Business,” Conscious Company, May/June.

• Schneider, Abigail B. (2017), “How the ‘Curse of Oil’ Could Spill Into Uganda and What That Would Mean for Conservation, The Economy and Community,” The Regenerative Development Blog,

• Schneider, Abigail B. (2015), “The Liberal Arts in Business Education: Perspectives of a Multi-time CEO,” Jesuit Higher Education, 4(2).”

Products/Services offered I have taught “masterclasses” on nonprofit marketing to Masters of Development Practice students, so this could be a potential area of contribution. Often, “marketing” and “social good” are seen as incompatible, so nonprofits, NGOs, or other social/environmental change agents are hesitant to employ marketing tactics.

I enjoy teaching these groups that marketing is, in fact, merely a set of tools that can be applied for myriad purposes, and I can help their organizations achieve growth and scale by employing the same tactics used by profit maximizing businesses.

It is very rewarding to see change agents employ marketing tactics and marketing research to achieve their missions.

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