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How we work together…

OPEN and its Fellows will make its own contribution to the SDGs by actively promoting engagement in them around the world by educators, ChangeAgents for Sustainability, and practitioners – a core objective of ours that we have enshrined into our legal statutes as an organisation. To reflect this, we have applied (and been granted by the UN) use of the SDG colour wheel as part of our logo. 

Across our membership we have many extraordinary individuals – academics, practitioners and consultants with established international reputations as experts in sustainability and business.

There is a wealth of expertise across mainstream and niche academic disciplines (e.g. integrated accounting, biomimicry for business, circular economics, sustainable finance), business sectors (e.g. agriculture, construction, healthcare) and technical subjects (e.g. engineering, technology, climate science)

Meanwhile we recognise that many sustainability-focused organizations have made a leadership-level commitment to embracing sustainability but are frustrated by the gap between their ambition and their performance.

We also work with various parts of the UN system including the UN Global Compact (and its Principles for Responsible Management Education initiative), the SDSN (Sustainable Development Solutions Network) and the SDG Action Campaign (part of the UN Development Programme) to further our contributions to the promotion and achievement of the SDGs.

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