For Graduate Schools

OPEN focuses its support for graduate schools on two specific segments of the sector – pioneers and startup schools:

  1. Pioneer Schools – OPEN supports graduate schools already pushing the envelope of sustainable business education by helping them to generate greater market awareness of their graduate programs and student enrolment, as well as supporting their combined alumni networks to establish impact-driven careers.
  2. Startup Schools – aimed at young schools, typically less than 5 years old, that have sustainability ‘baked into their DNA’ but need tailored support in executing on their ambition to offer sustainable business education. We offer access to expert faculty, coaching, support with curriculum design and external branding & recognition.

OPEN is inclusive and is not interested in working with schools based solely on academic prestige in the traditional sense (rankings, accreditations etc). We believe that an education in sustainable business, management and leadership should (and needs to be) accessible, affordable and relevant to all.

Whilst at different points in their journey, both Pioneer Schools and Startup Schools share a deep commitment to the education of sustainable business, management and leadership, they are progressive and innovative in their approach and international in their outlook.


How can your school get involved?

At present, membership of the OPEN Pioneer Schools program is by invitation only, based on your school’s reputation and standing as a recognised pioneer of sustainable business education.

To join OPEN, startup schools must commit to aligning itself and at least one of its Masters programmes to our One Planet Business Education Framework, submitting to peer review by a mixed panel of OPEN Fellows – academics, NGO experts and business practitioners – to ensure a robust, authentic and innovative approach is being taken.

For a confidential, no-obligation discussion about joining OPEN, please contact our CEO Tony Cooke at