For Sustainable Business Experts

Individual membership of OPEN is now free and available to anyone with demonstrable expertise and reputation in areas relevant to the advancement of sustainable business.

Individuals may apply to join OPEN as:

  • Fellows
  • Associates

The only real difference is where you are in your career.

Fellows will already have established international reputations in their areas of expertise, whereas Associates will have emerging international reputations. Both levels of individual membership give you access to a range of practical programs for accelerating the embedding of sustainability into business education including:

  • OPEN Faculty – our marketplace for connecting sustainable business experts (i.e. you) with business schools around the world in need of adjunct teaching, faculty development, curriculum design and consultancy
  • OPEN Pioneers & One Planet Business Schools – collaborate with pioneers and new entrants in the business school sector to prototype, test and validate innovative new programs that need your expertise
  • Access to One Planet Business – our social collaboration platform for supporting innovation in the teaching, research and practice of sustainable business.

Application forms can be found here.

If you wish to nominate an OPEN Fellow, please use the form here.

We hope you’ll consider joining us.