Why One Planet Change Agents?

Why We Need Change Agents For Sustainability

We face a tremendous but exciting challenge: learn to live sustainably on our one planet. We need to reinvent our economy, understanding that it is a subsystem of a finite natural system. We need to reinvent how we do business. New technologies are needed, but this is not enough: business needs to reconsider their role in society, and create new business models and new collaborative partnerships that include a broader range of stakeholders.

This will require a dramatic shift in the organizations focused on sustainability and change agents for sustainability operate– including policy and regulations – but also in mindsets and values. Educating change agents for sustainability in particular is instrumental to this change. It has an important role to play in providing a critical perspective on the current neoliberal economic paradigm as well as in innovation and the development of globally responsible leaders.

Around the world, there are many passionate change agents for sustainability – entrepreneurial individuals like you working across business, government, and civil society who are dissatisfied with the status quo, but who would benefit greatly from further education and training in order to amplify and accelerate your individual and collective impact.

At OPEN, we partner with some of the world’s leading sustainability networks to develop a deeper data-driven understanding of where change agents for sustainability need the most help from educators and to inform the development of their portfolio of skills and competencies.

We’ve found that change agents from a wide range of disciplines most commonly struggle with leading for change, reframing the argument to different audiences, stakeholder engagement, communications skills (including deep listening) and effectively executing sustainable initiatives and solutions.

Demand for these organizational, management, and leadership skills for sustainability has guided our development of a global community of the world’s most pioneering educators for sustainability able to support you. OPEN was co-founded by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) alongside pioneering educators for sustainability, to bring legitimacy and rigor to a broad spectrum of sustainability education experiences and education to move change agents for sustainability from passion to action.

We will guide you through the maze of choices to identify what’s right for you. Get it touch with us to let us know how we can help you using the form below.

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