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Carlo Giardinetti

Carlo, Italian, is living his third life right now in the education management space. During his first life he has been a professional footballer in Italy (in his twenties). His second life saw him having a fast advancing career in the Hospitality Industry managing Hotels and Resorts in Italy, Tanzania, Kenya, Maldives, Egypt and Ukraine (in his thirties).

Carlo holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management from Glion Institute of Higher Education (Switzerland) and an MBA with specialization in Sustainable Development from Manchester Business School (UK). Currently he is doing a DBA in Sustainable Business.

Carlo has joined BSL in 2015 in the education management space as Associate Dean, after having worked as Faculty and Program Manager in another Swiss institution for the previous 3 years. Carlo truly believes that education has an immense potential to impact individuals and communities and such potential must be used with professionalism, vision and collaborative spirit. Within this context, Carlo aims at researching further opportunities for education to be impactful by proposing innovative tools and programs that can ensure long-lasting learning for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable living.

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