Webinar on One Planet Leadership with OPEN Co-founder Professor Jonathan Gosling, Mon 19 March 2pm Eastern

UPCOMING SCC WEBINAR “One Planet Leadership: The positive contributions of business education” Monday, March 19 at 2PM Eastern Jonathan Gosling, co-founder of One Planet Education Networks and of the One Planet MBA at Exeter University This webinar is the first in SCC’s series on “International Perspectives” with host (and OPEN Fellow) Dr Kim Smith of PortlandContinue reading “Webinar on One Planet Leadership with OPEN Co-founder Professor Jonathan Gosling, Mon 19 March 2pm Eastern”

Sustainability Mindset Conference

Notice of an event being organised by Dr Isabel Rimanoczy, Convenor of the UN PRME Working Group on Sustainability Mindset and OPEN Strategic Advisor. Taking place at Kennesaw State University in Montepulciano, Italy, this unusual conference is being designed as a learning lab will provide a small group, intensely interactive space, conducive to reflective activities, profoundContinue reading “Sustainability Mindset Conference”

Developing Change Agents: Innovative Practices For Sustainability Leadership

Call For Chapter Proposals We’ve heard that an exciting new edited book is being planned by Kristi L. Kremers of University of Minnesota, Alexander S. Liepins of McGill University and Abigail L. York of Arizona State University. We’re super-excited about this and want to encourage our network to think about contributing chapters. Many of ourContinue reading “Developing Change Agents: Innovative Practices For Sustainability Leadership”

COURSE: Collaboration, Partnering & Negotiation

Summary Description That people need to work together to get anything but the simplest of things done is self evident and obvious; but that doesn’t make it easy. The quality of any interaction will necessarily have an enormous influence on its potential to bring about change, and on the longevity and impact of likely outcomes.Continue reading “COURSE: Collaboration, Partnering & Negotiation”

COURSE: Negotiation Masterclass

OPEN Bitesize Course Outline Added Value; How we think – and how this is exploited; Negotiation in competition – claiming value; Negotiation in collaboration – creating value; Negotiation as interaction; Negotiating in the real world – Managing Agreement; Negotiation as Dialogue By the end of this OPEN Bitesize course, learners will: 1. Understand the basicContinue reading “COURSE: Negotiation Masterclass”

‘Profits with purpose in a fractured, fearful, failing world’

by Catherine Cameron, Director of Agulhas Knowledge and OPEN Fellow.   The Blackrock Annual Letter to S&P 500 CEO’s sent some shockwaves through the world of business earlier this year. The world’s largest investor, with $6.3 trillion under management, BlackRock Chairman and CEO Larry Fink wrote: ‘We are seeing a paradox of high returns andContinue reading “‘Profits with purpose in a fractured, fearful, failing world’”

COURSE: Building Business Resilience

Summary Description Business resilience is key for enterprises to survive & thrive. Businesses face a range of sustainability challenges, including increasing demand for finite natural resources, leading to resource scarcity, climate impacts with both abrupt (e.g. flooding) and long term changes, (e.g. temperature rise), commodity price volatility, energy security, increasing inequality and social unrest. BusinessesContinue reading “COURSE: Building Business Resilience”

BoP Global Network Summit 18-20 April 2018

Enterprise for a Sustainable World (ESW)and Ecociate, in collaboration with the BoP Global Network Labs from around the world, are organizing the third BoP Global Network Summit. The event will be held April 18 – 20, 2018 at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, India. The Summit will build on the 2nd BoP GlobalContinue reading “BoP Global Network Summit 18-20 April 2018”

COURSE: Nature Inspired Innovation and Design

Summary Description This course will introduce the various sustainability related conceptions of the innovation, development, and design of human systems with an emphasis on nature inspired andregenerative solutions. Topics will include: The role of innovation in addressing local and global challenges; Living systems principles for appropriate design and technology and; Schools of thought derived fromContinue reading “COURSE: Nature Inspired Innovation and Design”

COURSE: Sustainability-Driven Innovation

Summary Description This course introduces the topic of sustainability-driven innovation (SDI), comparing and contrasting traditional models of innovation management and economic development paradigms with emerging models and discourse of innovation for sustainable development. It will discuss motivations, mechanisms, and outcomes for SDI in various social, national, and cultural contexts, highlighting the challenges of practical implementation.Continue reading “COURSE: Sustainability-Driven Innovation”