SCC Webinar 25 April 2018

“advancing curriculum and faculty development for sustainability in higher education” International Series continues with Leanne Denby of Macquarie University SCC Webinar Note international time zones and start times: Wednesday, April 25 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm (Eastern US) 2:00 pm (Pacific) 11:00 am (Hawaii) Thursday, April 26 7:00 am – 8:00 am (Sydney) 5:00 am –Continue reading “SCC Webinar 25 April 2018”

Towards a More Advanced Civilisation

by Tony Cooke, CEO, One Planet Education Networks This week I’ve been in Delhi, India for a summit on sustainable development strategies for the world’s poorest 4 billion people who live on less than $10 a day. It’s been an excellent opportunity to share thoughts, ideas and concerns with people from the global south andContinue reading “Towards a More Advanced Civilisation”

Visit to CMR University, Bangalore

by Tony Cooke, CEO, One Planet Education Networks This week I’m in India visiting Bangalore and Delhi, where I write this blog post from. I spent a packed but extremely enjoyable couple of days earlier in the week with colleagues and new friends at CMR University in Bangalore, who we hope to be able toContinue reading “Visit to CMR University, Bangalore”

Being-Centered Leadership

This workshop is being run by OPEN Fellows Professor Jody Fry and Dr Eleftheria Egel in Amsterdam on Saturday 14th July.   Do you find these universal questions compelling? How would my leadership change if I committed to move from “doing” or “having” to authentic “Being”? How would this shift change my Vision in life?Continue reading “Being-Centered Leadership”

Welcome to new OPEN Fellows

We’re delighted to announce that a further four outstanding individuals have joined our community as OPEN Fellows this month. They are: Dr Patagundi Basanna – Director of the School of Management at CMR University in Bangalore. He is an expert in technology management in relation to sustainable development. Dr Eleftheria Egel – Independent Researcher. She is anContinue reading “Welcome to new OPEN Fellows”

Has Leadership Become Another Stranded Asset?

by Steven Lang MBA (alumnus of One Planet MBA), co-founder & director of InSpring Global (Re-published. Originally published on 21st December 2017 on LinkedIn)   There can be little doubt that if there’s one thing we really need, in these times of great change, disruption and challenge, it’s good leadership. Good leaders help us makeContinue reading “Has Leadership Become Another Stranded Asset?”

Call for Business Case Studies on Sustainability

By Rebecca Frankel, Associate Editor, SAGE Business Cases   Dear Scholars of Sustainability, I’m an editor at SAGE working on our peer-reviewed case collection, SAGE Business Cases. We continue to grow the collection and, in particular, are looking to build on our Sustainability content. Have you written any cases that you currently use in yourContinue reading “Call for Business Case Studies on Sustainability”

We Need Spiritual Transformation: A Profound Change of Heart and Mind

by OPEN Fellow Dr Eleftheria Egel Last week, on 22nd March 2018, a  research day was co-organized in Paris by the University Paris II , its Research Laboratory on Management (LARGEPA) and its HRM Center (CIFFOP).  The best way I can translate the theme of the conference for the non-French speakers would be “Spirituality inContinue reading “We Need Spiritual Transformation: A Profound Change of Heart and Mind”

Registration Open: Global Responsibility Now Conference, Marseille 14-18 May 2018

Networks and initiatives for global responsibility are increasingly united in our vision for a sustainable world, but at this rate of collaboration, will we make it happen? OPEN will be taking part in this event in Marseille to help transform and accelerate the innovation and problem-solving power of students, companies, business schools and higher educationContinue reading “Registration Open: Global Responsibility Now Conference, Marseille 14-18 May 2018”

Webinar on Sustainability Mindset with OPEN Strategic Advisor Dr Isabel Rimanoczy on Thurs 29 March 2pm Eastern

    “The Sustainability Mindset” Thursday, March 29 at 2PM Eastern Isabel Rimanoczy Convener LEAP!, PRME Working Group on the Sustainability Mindset Research has been showing over the past decade the profound transformation of individuals who for a variety of reasons faced their inner landscape of unsustainability. They experienced a personal breakthrough, an expansion inContinue reading “Webinar on Sustainability Mindset with OPEN Strategic Advisor Dr Isabel Rimanoczy on Thurs 29 March 2pm Eastern”