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Scotland’s First Minister speaks out on Wellbeing Economy in new TED Talk

In 2018, Scotland, Iceland and New Zealand established the network of Wellbeing Economy Governments (WEGo) to challenge the acceptance of GDP as the ultimate measure of a country’s success. In this visionary talk, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon explains the far-reaching implications of a “well-being economy” — which places factors like equal pay, childcare, mental health and access to green space at its heart — and shows how this new focus could help build resolve to confront global challenges.

This new TED Talk from Nicola Sturgeon was given at the recent TED Summit in Edinburgh, the global gathering of the TED community of TED Speakers, TED Fellows, TED-ED community, TED Translators and TEDx organisers. OPEN CEO Tony Cooke was there in person in his capacity as a TEDx organiser.

In November 2014, Nicola Sturgeon was elected as the first female leader of the Scottish National Party. Days later, she was sworn in as the country’s first woman First Minister. Soon after her election, she appointed a cabinet boasting a 50/50 gender balance.

As head of the Scottish government, Sturgeon is responsible for her administration’s policies and for promoting and representing Scotland both at home and overseas.

Sturgeon entered the Scottish Parliament as a regional MSP for Glasgow in 1999. She is currently MSP for Glasgow Southside. Sturgeon served as Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing between 2007 and 2012, and then Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Investment and Cities until November 2014. Throughout this period she also served as Deputy First Minister of Scotland.

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