Webinar: The Theory of Transformation with Michael Quinn Patton and Jerald Hage

Thank you to CEO of Sustainametrix and friend of OPEN, Glenn Page, for sharing the following invitation….
As part of our webinar series to launch Blue Marble Evaluation – one webinar is coming up that deserves some attention. Date & Time = May 7th 5:00 pm EST. 
This one will focus on the Theory of Transformation and the Hage Hypothesis of Successful Transformation. This webinar will feature both Michael Quinn Patton and Jerald Hage. As you may be aware – Michael is in the final steps of publishing his groundbreaking book on Blue Marble Evaluation that will feature chapters on Global Systems Transformation, Theory of Transformation, Transforming Evaluation to Evaluate Transformation. Jerry Hagge is Emeritus Professor and Director of the Center for Innovation at the University of Maryland (USA)! Jerry authored Techniques and Problems of Theory Construction perhaps the best book on explaining the importance of theory for making sense of a complex world. Jerry is nearing the final steps of publishing a magnum opus entitled – Knowledge Creation and Social Change: New Minds, Adaptive Problems, Institutional Solutions and Novel Ideologies.  Jerald Hage also was MQP’s PhD Advisor – so there should be some great chemistry between them.
I hope you can attend and encourage others to join who are also navigating the Anthropocene and seek theoretical light to guide pathways to large scale systems change! Here’s an announcement and if you can plug it through your networks, that would be great!

For those who tweet: Amazing (and free) webinar on Theory of Transformation with Michael Quinn Patton and Jerald Hage on the Hage Hypothesis of Successful Transformation, May 7, 5pm EDT (USA) — a Blue Marble Evaluation webinar. Zoom link =  zoom.us/j/220765489

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