Being-Centered Leadership

This workshop is being run by OPEN Fellows Professor Jody Fry and Dr Eleftheria Egel in Amsterdam on Saturday 14th July.


Do you find these universal questions compelling?

  • How would my leadership change if I committed to move from “doing” or “having” to authentic “Being”?
  • How would this shift change my Vision in life? My Choices? My true Purpose?
  • How can this shift help reveal the vital importance of care, concern, appreciation, and a sense of belonging in my most important relationships?

Then this workshop is for you!

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Q: How is the Being-centered Leadership Workshop different from other leadership workshops?

A: There is a fundamental truth about leadership at the very heart of The Being-Centered Leadership Workshop that sets this program apart from all others. That truth is that our current models of leadership are failing us by having a primary focus on having (leader traits and skills) and doing (situational leader activities and behaviors). They also fail to take into account a world that is moving at a relentless 24/7 pace and volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA). All of the above has led to society’s emphasis on the trappings of success (having) or how our behavior is evaluated by others (doing), which ultimately are programs for misery instead of happiness. Note though that we still call ourselves Human Beings– not human havings or human doings.

Q: What is the purpose of the Being-centered Leadership Workshop?

A: The purpose of our Being-centered Leadership Workshopis to provide you with the models, methods, and tools to help you discern the answers to these universal questions and, in doing so be a more effective leader.

Q: What are the characteristics of a Being-centered leader?

A: Being-centered leaders value the honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness to seek and embody the higher levels of Being, consciousness, and other-centered values so necessary for both life satisfaction and performance excellence in increasingly complex leadership roles. Being-centered leaders exercise their free will; the will to make choices, be who they really are, pursue their real purpose in life, and do what is right.

The Curriculum covers 4 modules that focus on:

Module 1: Evaluating your current state of Being-centered leadership

Module 2: Understanding the five levels of Being and how they include and transcend current models of leadership.

Module 3: Discovering how the “Being-centered” leadership can enhance self- awareness and the ability to lead from a place of other-centeredness.

Module 4: Applying Being-centered leadership models, methods, and tools in your everyday life

Upon completing the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between Being-Centered leadership and more traditional approaches to leadership based on having and doing.
  • Understand the importance of consciousness, self-awareness and other-centeredness for effective leadership;
  • Explore levels of Being as a journey of discovery and growth
  • Make use of a model of Being-centered leadership for personal leadership effectiveness
  • Clarify and communicate your fundamental values and beliefs
  • Apply the lessons learned in the workshop to current leadership challenges

This program includes:

  • The personal leadership Awareness Assessment
  • Class Workbook and supplemental materials
  • The Being-centered Leadership Assessment Survey (BLAS)

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