Registration Open: Global Responsibility Now Conference, Marseille 14-18 May 2018

Networks and initiatives for global responsibility are increasingly united in our vision for a sustainable world, but at this rate of collaboration, will we make it happen?

OPEN will be taking part in this event in Marseille to help transform and accelerate the innovation and problem-solving power of students, companies, business schools and higher education institutions. During the week of 14-18 May we will promote and celebrate projects, programmes and initiatives from around the world and embark on a journey of collaboration to drive systemic and transformational change and the future we all want.

On 14 and 15 May the world’s leading networks and initiatives meet to develop and plan their own programmes but that soon gives way to meeting and connecting with each other.  We will ask ‘How can my network or initiative enable greater positive impact by collaborating in new ways with others?’

The conversation continues on the 16th when we all convene together, and take the next step in collective systemic change. During this cross-road event participants from the previous two days asks:

•How can our existing and emergent initiatives converge and align better to tackle the systemic issues we face?

•How will we as change makers and change initiatives work beyond our boundaries and achieve symbiosis?

•To achieve the Global Goals and more, what kind of change maker and next generation initiative is required to accelerate and realise the change we want?

Some of the inspirational contributors at the cross-road event on the 16th include John Fullerton (Founder & President of the Capital Institute), John DuPre (Author and Philosopher of Science), Myriam Maestroni (President-Founder, CEO, Economie d’Energie SAS) and Alix Gerber (Treasurer & Commercial, Le RECHO).

Initiatives that will be convening during the week include:

The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) Partnership – (16th to 18th)

Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS) – (15th)

The Sulitest Governance, National Committees and Senior Advisors meeting toward the HLPF – (15th)

International Green Gown Awards Ceremony – (16th)

Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) – (16th to 18th)

•Business School Rating Prototype – (14th to 15th)

The GRLI Deans and Directors Cohort – (evening of 13th – 16th)

The SDG Transformation Forum – (15th)

PRME France Benelux Chapter – (15th)

•Business for society research initiative – (15th)

The annual Partner and Member gatherings of both the GRLI and Conference Des Grande Ecoles will take place on 17&18 May following their participation on the 16th.

This event is a unique and powerful opportunity to connect and multiply the creativity and impact of learning, innovation and education for sustainability. Only together can we transform and accelerate the innovation and problem-solving power of students, companies, business schools and higher education institutions. 

Registration is now open here.

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