Webinar on Sustainability Mindset with OPEN Strategic Advisor Dr Isabel Rimanoczy on Thurs 29 March 2pm Eastern




The Sustainability Mindset

Thursday, March 29 at 2PM Eastern

Isabel Rimanoczy

Convener LEAP!, PRME Working Group on the Sustainability Mindset

Research has been showing over the past decade the profound transformation of individuals who for a variety of reasons faced their inner landscape of unsustainability. They experienced a personal breakthrough, an expansion in their consciousness that changed how they saw themselves and the world around them. The transformational shift also was the fuel for action, a persistent, inside driven motivation that spurred creativity. This transformational process happened not because of the information they had about statistics, data, or benchmark of innovators. The process took place on another level: on the being dimension. And yet, what are we educators doing in our classrooms? We are teaching the external landscape of sustainability, seeking for the latest cases in the news that can spark engagement in our students. We cater to the heads, when the most powerful leverage point is in the heart: connected to purpose, to values, to the examination of the anchors of our identity, to who we are, in the simplest and most profound way. This webinar will introduce the research that originated the concept of Sustainability Mindset, the elements that compose it, and how it can be developed. Isabel Rimanoczy will share about how it is being brought into courses in higher education around the world and she will share about LEAP (Leverage resources, Expand awareness, Accelerate change and Partner), a network of academics in 75 universities in 35 countries promoting a new mindset, anchored in the being.

Isabel Rimanoczy, Ed.D. has made it her life purpose to promote change accelerators. Aware of the complex challenges our planet (and us in it) are facing, she works alongside those who can make an impact on a greater scale. She developed the Sustainability Mindset, a concept she researched by studying business leaders who championed corporate initiatives with a positive impact on the environment and the community. What inspired these leaders to act in a business-as-unusual way? She created LEAP! an international cohort of 83 academics from 72 universities on five continents promoting a holistic sustainability  mindset with their students. The professors foster a new paradigm, social action and consciousness. LEAP was officially designated the PRME Working Group on Sustainability Mindset in June 2015 at the Global Forum of UN PRME in New York, and the members are researching the Sustainability Mindset in their context and culture,  writing papers, and presenting at conferences. She facilitates a Faculty Training on the Sustainability Mindset for this network. Isabel is the Global Academic Ambassador for AIM2Flourish, the international initiative to promote businesses as agents of world benefit.  A2F is supported by the United Nations PRME and Global Compact. The Prizes are an international showcase of entrepreneurial innovation working towards what needs to be our global agenda: the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. She is a Strategic Sustainability Adviser for One Planet Education Networks (OPEN), a Fellow of the Schumacher Institute, UK, and a Senior Partner with Leadership in Motion LLC (LIM). She has worked in North and Latin America, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

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