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Webinar on One Planet Leadership with OPEN Co-founder Professor Jonathan Gosling, Mon 19 March 2pm Eastern


One Planet Leadership: The positive contributions of business education

Monday, March 19 at 2PM Eastern

Jonathan Gosling, co-founder of One Planet Education Networks
and of the One Planet MBA at Exeter University

This webinar is the first in SCC’s series on “International Perspectives” with host (and OPEN Fellow) Dr Kim Smith of Portland Community College and the Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network (GPSEN).

Other international leaders in sustainability in higher education will present to the SCC audience each month.

Business is the primary means for creating wealth from natural resources, for innovation and organising human labour to these ends. It is also where many people earn a living, contribute to social goods, and establish an identity and standing in society. Yet its legitimacy is widely contested because it so often undermines these same goods – harming nature, concentrating wealth in the hands of those who already have it, rewarding selfishness and treating people as mere instruments of production. The reform of business is urgent and important – and many are calling for changes to the moral compass of business leaders, stricter regulation, or re-balancing of labour and trade laws. This requires business people with a more integral understanding that is systemic, life-enhancing and morally robust; and also with technical knowledge and skills in domains of investment, finance, accounting, operations, innovation and strategy. The webinar will focus on the latter part of this – a recommended curriculum for business education, and for leadership development in established businesses.

Jonathan Gosling is co-founder of One Planet Education Networks and of the One Planet MBA at Exeter University where he is Emeritus Professor of Leadership. He is currently supporting malaria control and elimination efforts in Southern Africa and is faculty of The Forward institute in the UK. He holds visiting positions at universities in Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, India and Slovenia, and recently completed a study of leadership development in healthcare in these and other countries (including the USA). He has designed and directed top-level international programs for airline, aerospace, private equity, logistics and humanitarian organisations. He was a member of the UK Higher education delegation to RIO+20 and is currently a member of the NGO Major Group contributing to achievement of the SDGs. He is co-author of “Sustainable Business: A one planet approach” (Wiley, 2017), which will be the basis for this webinar.

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