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COURSE: Negotiation Masterclass

OPEN Bitesize Course Outline

Added Value; How we think – and how this is exploited; Negotiation in competition – claiming value; Negotiation in collaboration – creating value; Negotiation as interaction; Negotiating in the real world – Managing Agreement; Negotiation as Dialogue

By the end of this OPEN Bitesize course, learners will:

1. Understand the basic principles of negation theory and practice.

2. Understand and recognise the relevance of different perspectives of value in integrative approaches to negotiation.

3. Recognise the impact of emotional responses in negotiation, and describe approaches by which this can be managed and resolved.


Course Instructor

Duration (Number of Hours)

8 (with optional second day involving a role play simulation)


Course Booking Options

Available for booking by academic institutions

Available for booking by employers

Available for booking by learner groups


Further Resources

Book: Shapiro, D.; Fisher, R. (2007) Building Agreement. New York, Random House Books.


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