COURSE: Introduction to Management for Global Sustainability

Summary Description

This short course will introduce management professionals to the six frames that business leaders use to talk about sustainability, as identified by John Elkington (who coined the phrase “Triple Bottom Line”). It is intended as a reflective exploration to expand the individual and organizational perceptions and intentions of sustainability within the organization and beyond the organizational context. Case studies will be used to exemplify the various frames and help students better relate to their own motivations and the impacts of decision-making for sustainability.


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Syllabus Plan – summary of the structure and academic content of the module

Week 1: An Introduction to the Six Frames

Week 2: The Resources Frame

Week 3: The Time Frame

Week 4: The Value Frame

Week 5: The Design Frame

Week 6: The Abundance Frame

Week 7: The Moral Frame

Week 8: Developing and Understanding Your Frame(s)


Intended Learning Outcomes – on completion of this module, students will be able to…

-Develop a working knowledge of the various ways that sustainability can be framed in a business context.

-Explore each of the six frames as described by John Elkington (Resources, Time, Value, Design, Abundance, Moral) and identify others.

-Understand how each of the frames influence organizational decision-making in each student’s own (or a hypothetical) organizational context.

-Develop a personal relationship with the various frames.


This course serves the following UN Sustainable Development Goals. For a fuller description of the SDGs please visit

SDG 8 – Decent Work & Economic Growth

SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption & Production

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Guided Independent Study/Research

Reflective Journal

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Individual Written Assignment

Group Written Assignment

Individual Presentation

Group Presentation

In-class test/quiz

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Written feedback to individual student

Written feedback to group of students

Key Learning Resources

“The Six Ways That Business Leaders Talk About Sustainability” by John Elkington. Harvard Business Review. 17 Oct 2017. Available at Supplemental texts for each weekly lesson also provided.


For more information about this course, please contact:

Dr Taryn Mead

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