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WWF and Gold Standard co-publish new report on ‘Business and the SDGs’

Corporate ambition around the Global Goals is only set to increase. Some companies are already recognising the need for business to operate in stable economies and that, conversely, growing inequality, poverty and climate and water risks are threats to almost any business model. The top ve medium-term risks highlighted in the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2016 all align with the SDGs. If businesses are to protect their future supply chains and markets, it’s vital these are addressed.

There are a growing number of tools available to help businesses assess and report their contributions toward the SDGs using shared indicators and metrics. Yet, it’s still early days and some businesses are falling prey to common pitfalls.

Co-authored by OPEN Strategic Advisor and CEO of WWF Switzerland, Thomas Vellacott, this paper looks at key opportunities and challenges businesses have faced, lessons learned, and recommendations on how companies can enhance current practices and mitigate risk to deliver credible, meaningful contributions toward the SDGs.


You can download it here

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