COURSE: Introduction to Environmental Sociology

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On-Line Course: Introduction to Environmental Sociology

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April 2 – June 17, 2018

Syllabus Plan – summary of the structure and academic content of the module

This on-line course is arranged chronologically and employs a modular design. The week’s Announcements will be updated on the Course Home page and will offer overviews of topics and expectations for the week. Modules will become available each Monday morning and are available by clicking “Content” on the course navigation bar. Each week, students should complete all reading and writing assignments listed in that week’s lesson module(s). Note that some weeks might have two modules. Due dates for each week’s assignments will be listed within the module itself, as well as in the Course Syllabus and Calendar which is also available by clicking on the Course Information tab, under Content. Assignments within the modules may direct students to use many of the tools contained in our Desire2Learn Brightspace platform, including Discussions, Assignments, and Quizzes.

Intended Learning Outcomes – on completion of this module, students will be able to understand…

  1. Sociological Imagination: how personal and public issues relate to the environment
  2. Environmental sociological concepts and theories
  3. Interactions between causes and consequences of environmental problems and human dependence on environmental infrastructures
  4. Production and Consumption Treadmill and Hardin’s Tragedy of the Commons
  5. Consumption and Materialism: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and relative poverty
  6. Environmental Economics concepts and theories
  7. Technological change and dependency
  8. Population trends, theories, and policies
  9. Global stratification, development theories, financial institutions
  10. Sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals
  11. Varying cultural ideologies and paradigms
  12. The Social Construction of Nature
  13. History of the environmental movement
  14. Ecofeminism and Environmental Justice
  15. The anti-environmental movement
This course serves the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (please tick all that apply). For a fuller description of the SDGs please visit
SDGs 1-17

Key Learning Resources

3 course books; occasional articles; links to current news sites; and videos





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